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      Who will wear the leadership of the industry?

             There are industrial wear, this is an old story. This statement also reflects the profound material wear in the economic construction, especially industrial production in a normal, this has spawned a growing cause for concern in the industry - wear-resistant materials industry. Wear-resistant material is not only the development of China's information technology, biotechnology, energy technology and other high-tech fields and important foundation for national defense construction materials, but also to transform and improve China's basic industries and traditional industries, such as agriculture, chemicals, building materials basis, directly to our resources, environment and sustainable development of society. Wear a wide range of materials, widely used, forming a large-scale high-tech industry group, has a very broad market prospects and great strategic importance.

              In recent years, with the rapid economic development, especially the rapid growth of China's economy has greatly boosted the development of wear-resistant materials industry. As you know, our metallurgy, electricity, building materials, coal, petrochemical, transportation, machinery industry developed rapidly, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, power, cement and other products surge. There are industrial wear, industrial wear parts for increased growth in consumption, wear-resistant materials to stimulate and boost the industry. However, there is in the rising period of industrialization, as the energy consumption of power, the market demand for wear resistant materials are also increasing annually. According to statistics, the current annual consumption of around 2 million tons of various wear-resistant materials, worth more than tens of billions.

              Meanwhile, the reform and opening up, China has wear and wear-resistant materials research has developed greatly. Statistics show that our country wear and wear-resistant materials research institutions and production enterprises have several hundred, wear wearing parts of the output can reach several hundred million tons. Among them, some manufacturers over more than 40 thousand tons annual production value of more than two million; high manganese steel, low alloy steel, resistant white cast iron, high, medium and low chrome alloy cast iron, shells, martensite ductile iron and other wear-resistant materials have been successfully applied, in particular, is the successful development of a number of national conditions of wear-resistant materials and products; most of the wear-resistant materials manufacturers basically have a conventional production equipment and testing instruments, and some analysis has been used in more advanced equipment (such as direct-reading spectrometer, etc.). In recent years, China has imported or made the subject of several production lines and advanced equipment with a number of wear parts. Are gradually replaced traditional techniques and change. These are to wear greatly improved production efficiency, quality and more stable, and wear-resistant materials for our products to the international market and lay the foundation.

              Throughout wear industry since the reform and opening up the development of wear-resistant materials can be sure that the market prospects are very optimistic about the overall amount of wear-resistant materials at home and abroad to continue steadily. China's economy accelerated pace, pulling the wear-resistant materials, market demand, and high-tech high life of wear-resistant materials are brought and materials consumption, the two constraints determine the relative stability of the market wear parts can be predict strong promote economic development will eventually wear-resistant materials to further expand the market. In the international market, our country exports a wide range of wear-resistant materials, which indicates that China has some wear parts production enterprises with international competition in the power industry. From the current situation analysis, wear-resistant materials industry in China are mainly state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises composed of three types, but who will lead the future of wear-resistant materials industry, who will exclusively wear industry aotou? Who will lead our country great country to wear from abrasion power remains to be seen.

      State-owned enterprises: advantages of sitting on the basis of country

              Such enterprises are the primary industry and the local member of the profession and the major industrial and mining machinery plant belongs to the ball machine factory and forging factory, like a heavy, double, on the weight, etc.; the existing part of the business has been restructured, which is characterized by technology strength of its employees who are better educated, more advanced production equipment, analysis testing equipment, the production of wear parts can be quickly achieved in terms of forging - heat treatment - such as complete machining and inspection of independent production. But at the same time, the majority of management mechanism of state-owned enterprises rigid to adapt to market development, there is no flexibility in the marketing and modern management system, resulting in some loss of state-owned enterprises. However, with the changing market economy, state-owned enterprises are constantly changing towards modern enterprise management mechanism, part of the restructuring of enterprises has also led to new developments in state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises still wear the basis of China's wear industry.

      Private enterprise: a flexible mechanism, Industry New Army

              These enterprises in recent years it has rapidly developed as a flexible business management system, enterprise full of vigor, is now gradually become resistant material force in the industry. Such enterprises or by ordinary wear parts by forging factory attracted by high profits Transferring wear parts, or by gradually developed from small-ball factory, the development of the cast from a single forging, heat, integrated production machining . Wear the highest concentration of private enterprises should be considered Ningguo, Anhui, hundreds of city size business wear, wear-resistant materials, domestic production accounted for a market Oita amount. But such private wearable technology enterprise common problem is the weak force, production equipment and testing instruments, lack of and old, needs to be improved staff quality, size, brand and market need for a qualitative leap in the group, large-scale production is still a long way to go. However, after recent years of development, a large number of companies have completed the primitive accumulation, is now a high standard of technological transformation and expansion of the market at the same time by the positive impact of the recent high starting point, there are many private enterprises in the construction of wear-resistant . The rise of private enterprises in this category, and growth with restructuring in the business after the company became the basis of our wear-resistant materials industry, and hope.

      Foreign-funded enterprises: fast and violent landing on a beach

              Since the reform and opening up, especially since China's accession to the World Trade Organization, the acceleration of international economic integration, China will soon integrate into the world economy in various fields. At the same time, our wear-resistant materials technology and production levels are constantly improving the yield and quality are rising gradually to reach the world advanced level. In recent years, the export volume of China began to wear materials. Wear-resistant materials, such as Ning Factory production of the country, "Feng-shaped" brand wear-resistant material on the export to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and African countries, and has been established in the international market, a high reputation, in turn, attract a lot foreign businesses to invest and build factories or purchase Refractories. The world today, in the wear-resistant alloy materials industry, the United States, Russia, Germany and other developed countries are doing best. Overall, our wear-resistant material from the different specifications, quality requirements, technology, productivity than other areas, there is a gap with the developed countries, which China's market for foreign companies provided the preconditions. ESCO Corporation in this regard the United States, Australia WIELAND company, Canada AMSCO company, Germany KRUPP company, Toyo ball and other famous international enterprises gain an advantage over domestic enterprises in technology innovation, quality requirements, process technology need to keep improving foreign enterprises should seize.

                   Seize the opportunity for development

              Wear market opens up at home and abroad, domestic companies to speed up the pace to the international community, and foreign enterprises have enormous potential for the domestic market, attracted by the positive landing ashore, wear-resistant materials, and gradually expand the market space, which requires companies to understand the wear domestic and international situation, clearly see the future direction of wear industry.

      From the product structure point of view, a number of enterprise development experience shows that large-scale production of single variety of quality and variety of specialized production in two ways more suitable for Chinese refractory enterprises. The former choice wear parts such as ball one, jaw plate, shovel and other products to organize production, and Make the goal is a product, such enterprises as a single product structure, high production efficiency, product quality, stable, management it easier to place; which enterprises are mostly large and medium enterprises to market-oriented way to select multiple varieties of products, and strive to cast - Heat Treatment - Machining full production mode in pursuit of maximum profits. Many varieties of specialized manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad have many successful examples, but should attract special attention is our business enterprises must have a high level of production technology, high quality staff, higher than the quality of all production equipment and testing instruments and higher overall management capabilities.

              Terms of product technology development, product and technology development is an important means of upgrading of enterprises. In the business done at the original accumulation of capital, the majority of enterprises are faced with upgrading and development opportunities, wear-resistant material for many varieties, small batch, most of products not easily automated production line characteristics of these industries, products and technology for development, thus enhancing production technology and product technology content, has become the primary means of enterprise upgrading. Wear on the state-owned enterprises, most of them have strong development team can organize self-developed or re-introduction of foreign advanced technology digestive absorption; and developed for many in recent years, small and medium private enterprises, R & D team is still relatively weak, and need to seek and universities or research institutes cooperate with universities and joint research and development, build R & D center is an efficient and effective way.

              View from the international market as soon as possible to the international market is the future must wear business goal. With the international economic integration, international wear materials market in China has been open, high profit margins are very attractive, to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of domestic enterprises to respond to international market opportunities, to better product quality, delivery on time reasonable price to grasp the international market, while foreign investors to seize the domestic market and domestic market share of foreign capital, and then rapidly expanding international market, the vast international market share. In fact, the wear-resistant material to go abroad integration into the international market in the process, it is wear-resistant materials on the domestic forces of the integrated enterprise management, technology, equipment, quality, staff quality and information when assessing the degree. Successful experience tells us, through the pursuit of exports, and then improve themselves and improve enterprise's comprehensive strength, will take the initiative to seek them foreign, export opportunities and also have really captured, while also standing firm on domestic and international markets.

      From the "wearable power" to the "wearable power"

              Wear-resistant materials industry in China since reform and opening up the development of impressive, for all to see. Relevant industry organizations, technology and industry, has held a number of development organizations, the General Assembly session of wear-resistant materials, summed up the experience of many successful and made a lot of constructive guidance. At the same time, we see our country wear properties of materials, low product quality throughout the industry, shoddy is serious, monitoring detection means not perfect, the lack of technological innovation, low level equipment, industry threshold is low, corporate sprawl, Brand-building is weak, the lack of large enterprises thriving enterprise, the lack of international competitiveness and other issues, China's urgent need to re-wear industry to a new level.

              To this end, we must have a clear understanding of business, the management of real convergence with the international business management, and insufficient attention to product and technology development and introduction of high technology, enhance staff training, equipment and testing equipment to improve production levels. We have reason to believe that only those with science and modern international management system, high-quality personnel, high technology, advanced equipment and scientific management of the business of marketing to an invincible position in the market, only to lead this business the future of our resistant materials industry, and lead our country in the near future become a great power by the wear-resistant materials, refractory power.

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