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      Address:  Dangtu County Maanshan Industrial Zone, Danyang Town, West Side 5

      General Manager: Zuchang Li
      Tel : 0086-555-6872598

      Mobile number: 0086-13805559416
      Fax : 0086-555-6873500

      E-mail:  25380941@qq.com
      Zip Code:  243000



      Wear-resistant materials market has great potential to seize the market quickly is the key

            As the first production of wear-resistant materials in China, enterprises, phoenix-shaped wear-resistant materials Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province on the wear-resistant materials industry can be described as the current situation and development prospects of the most say.

             CHEN, general manager at the company seems, wear-resistant materials industry is a monumental industry, he said, wear-resistant material from the invention to the present, has gone through a dozen century, in most developed countries such as Japan, USA, Australia are not a new thing to replace the wear-resistant material. So, should continue to innovate and improve product quality, which is the eternal theme of enterprise development.

            "On the one hand, the current enterprise competition is inevitable, it should be said that the development of competitions. Competition is very cruel, or victory in the competition, or failure in the competition, there is no other choice. For the wear-resistant materials industry, in the After World War II, the United States and France have a lot of the production of milling bodies of enterprises, especially in the European economy began to develop after the emergence of more resistant materials business. But the competition for decades, much part of the business eventually depressed, while the contrast is another part of the well are also bigger and bigger enterprises, gradually rising, I think the future of China is such a trend. cement industry is a good example of the pattern of the future are bound to split large group market, many small cement plant to stop production, mergers, restructuring and other forms, this pattern has also been very clear. Lafarge, Ho Sim, Heidelberg, Ximaikesi etc. international groups have entered the Chinese market, China's conch, Jidong and other large groups have also formed such a pattern, including wear-resistant materials as the existing business, the competition will certainly be a large number to be eliminated out, fend for themselves; There are a number of companies stand out, eventually forming a super-saturated, more balanced supply and demand structure. "

              In response, Chen Xiao said, how the competition is still a very key issue. "I think, If you want to wear materials industry, we must stand above the peak of the industry. Want to occupy the peak position in the industry, the best way is to continue to carry out bold innovation, bold reform. On their own independent intellectual property rights of inventions and innovations, continued to discuss, can you stand on the cutting-edge industries. " Meanwhile, Chen Xiao Feng also share a shape the company's experience in the development of enterprises during the Phoenix company has taken shape in two ways. One kind of person to run on their own, and second, to improve the product cost. "I have to lead our technical experts to more than 90 countries, no way, I can only back products to sell. Performance is good price even lower than the others, the customer can accept. You said you use something to the customer, the customer will ask you what good, this is a very simple reason that if you sell one thousand U.S. dollars / ton, and I sold one thousand U.S. dollars / ton, that customers will not use your product. Only 10% -15 cheaper than others %, customers will consider to try your product. Meanwhile, we should continuously improve their technology and equipment. My clients are all invited to the factory, let the customer through the enterprise hardware and overall strength to believe in you. I think this also reflects a kind of competition. "Xiao-introduced.

              Phoenix-shaped the company after decades of development, from 8,000 yuan home, and today the total assets of 6 billion, years of hard work to the general manager of the deepest feelings CHEN is that business as a man, as to be upon their own. "This is something we do wear-resistant materials, sell later, it will soon be able to reflect the quality problems. Put simply, a ton of cement to the number of grams consumed (resistant materials), which is very direct, very quickly reflected. "

           "Wear-resistant materials, there is a certain percentage of the profits, when raw material costs rose at a time when high-amplitude, as a production enterprises, unable to stand the pressure. Substantial raw material price increases before 2007, many enterprises and we The contract provides for a very long time. raw material prices, the credit to enterprises, the company had losses of Fung-shaped execution of the contract still must complete. Doing so will cause some loss of business, but I think this reflects the integrity of the enterprise degree. As a long-term consumption of materials, products, production enterprises, should be honest, we must be credibility, it is very important. "Chen Xiao said.

              At present, the phoenix-shaped company and the world's top ten cement companies, all have good cooperation. President Chen said that as a large Cement Group, it requires a very stable suppliers, so wear-resistant materials and large business groups have formed strategic partnership between the supply and demand in similar ways. "Such as raw materials prices, why is up, and users will pledge allegiance correspondent, is the user feel this increase is normal, and customers are willing to cooperate with you