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      Address:  Dangtu County Maanshan Industrial Zone, Danyang Town, West Side 5

      General Manager: Zuchang Li
      Tel : 0086-555-6872598

      Mobile number: 0086-13805559416
      Fax : 0086-555-6873500

      E-mail:  25380941@qq.com
      Zip Code:  243000



      New high-performance wear-resistant material production line put into operation soon in Tianjin

                Are listed as key projects of Tianjin Hi-tech Industry in Tianjin Senhao new high-performance wear-resistant materials technology company production line, before entering the adjustment, will soon put into production. Expected annual output of 14,000 tons the second half of high-performance wear pipe, sheet capacity, became the new high-performance wear-resistant materials research and development production base. Tianjin Senhao resistant materials technology company using patented technology developed high-performance production of impact fatigue wear of metal parts, than the existing "Manganese Steel 13" service life of products increased by 1 to 5 times, and passed the Tianjin High-tech technological achievements certification. The same time, introduced the development of composite structures with unique plastic / metal pipes, ceramic pipes, etc., not only filled the blank of domestic similar products, but also to wear reached the international advanced level.

               It is understood that the company introduced the large scale production line put into operation, will use advanced technology to make wear-resistant material has a higher overall mechanical properties, high and low temperature performance and lubrication, non-adhesion properties, and its products can be widely used mining, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, and shipbuilding, chemical industry.